Wednesday, 23 August 2017

IeSF readies itself for its 2017 AGM

The strength of the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) rests in its membership.

Being a non-profit member based organisation, no-one owns IeSF. Instead the entire organisation exists to serve its member national federations and to deliver long-term programmes that will be of benefit to both national federations and athletes alike.

In accordance with the IeSF Statutes Article 12 Clause 3-2, Article 13 Clause 3-2, Article 21 Clause 3 and Clause 7, IeSF has requested members to submit motions to be posted on the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The 2017 Annual General Meeting shall be held during the 9th World Championships which are to be held in Busan, South Korea. 

Once the motions have been received and reviewed by IeSF's Board, such motions shall be distributed to all Members with the Board’s comment at least 30 days in advance of such General Meeting.

MSSA's member clubs are welcome to participate in this international process by submitting their thoughts, issues, and ideas to MSSA on or before “18th of September 2017”.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Final entry date for MSSA's Online League for 3 term schools - 5th of September 2017.

Grey College in action in MSSA's Online League for 4 term schools.
There is no doubt that Mind Sports South Africa's Online School League is more than popular.

Already the Online League for 4 term schools is in its fifth week.

Yet, there is no rest  for the wicked.

Before the 
Online League for 4 term schools has finished, MSSA is already gearing  up for its Online League for 3 term schools.

The final entry date for teams will be 20H00 on Tuesday, 5th of September 2017.

If entries are not submitted before the close off date and time, schools will not be able to participate in this championship.

The championship is an awesome opportunity for scholars to earn provincial colours for their respective games and provinces. Further details are as follows:

Three term schoolsschool league - 
3 term school league - 
1st round - week ending 8 September 2017
2nd round - week ending 15 September 2017
3rd round - week ending 22 September 2017
4th round - week ending 29 September 2017
5th round - week ending 6 October 2017

Esport titles to be played at 2017 School LAN Provincial and National Championships

StarCraft IILeague of LegendsHearthStoneTekken 7
CounterStrike: GOFIFA '17DotA 2VainGlory

Schools  must enter their teams on the allotted Google Drive pages.

Queries may be directed to Tyrone Green at: 

Friday, 18 August 2017

2017 City of Johannesburg Championships - 9 & 10 September 2017


11 Ninth Avenue, LOWER HOUGHTON, 2198
Tel: 011 728 7335


As one of the oldest mind sports clubs in South Africa, having been established in 1989, Old Eds (to which it is lovingly referred) has remained at the forefront of promoting all the various disciplines.

The club has produced no less than five (5) world champions, and also is actively involved in the administration of the sport at national and international levels.

The club too also is the only club in Johannesburg that has hosted City of Johannesburg Regional Championships.

Such championships have produced the following winners:

2016AncientsTie: Jason Batzofin &
Terence Allwright
St John's College
Old Edwardian Wargames Club

MorabarabaDion Du PreezWitbank

2015AncientsColin WebsterOld Edwardian Wargames Club

FIFA ‘15Rowan BatzofinWits University
Blair HambergerSt Andrews
MorabarabaSimphiwe MaphumulpoZola Checkers Club
Boitemulo MakoNafeng Primary School
2014AncientsDr Renier van HeerdenKnights Mind Sports Club
Elishia RetiefOld Edwardian Wargames Club
MorabarabaMerlin LoveSt John’s college

Thus OEWC will be hosting the 2017 City of Johannesburg Championships on 9 & 10 September 2017.
The championship also counts as a qualifier for the MSSA's National Team Trials as according to MSSA's rules, the winner of a Regional Championship automatically is invited to such National Team Trials.

Entries will close at 18H00 on 4 September 2017. Players who wish to compete in any of MSSA's Championships are advised to complete their annual registration forms so that they may register as Registered Players as soon as possible. Late entries will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

All gamers are reminded that the City of Johannesburg Regional Championships is an open championship. In other words any registered player is entitled to enter the championship – no matter where they live, or their category of membership. If you have any queries, please contact the MSSA.

Championship Details:
Hosting Club
Old Edwardian Wargames Club (OEWC)
  • Venue: Blue Room, Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Ave, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg
  • Date: 9 & 10 September 2017
  • Game Entry Fees: R60.00 per Registered Player per Period
  • Entries: Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their players.
  • Schedule: As below.
  • Food & refreshments: Highly reasonable prices

Saturday – 9/9/2017Sunday – 10/9/2017
MorabarabaStarCraft IIAncientsFIFA ‘17
Round 110H00-10H4509H009H00-10H3009H00
Round 211H00 - 11H4510H3011H00 – 12H3010H30
Round 314H00 -14H4512H0014H00 – 15H3012H00
Round 415H00 - 15H4514H0016H00 – 17H3014H00
Round 516H00 - 16H4515H30
Awards shall be awarded immediately after play has ceased.

Rules and Regulations
: All Rules and Regulations pertaining to eSports are available from the MSSA. Players are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the LAN Bylaws and all Period Specific Rules. If any Player wishes to provide advice regarding the drafting of the Period Specific Rules they are encouraged to contact MSSA who will take all comments into account.
The following Medals may be awarded at the MSSA's 2017 City of Johannesburg Regional Championship:
  • PREMIER: Medals shall be awarded to the first three players who are registered players.
  • SCHOLARS: Medals shall be awarded to the first three high school scholars, provided they have not received any Premier medals.
  • WOMEN: Women will be awarded medals as per the same basis as above, that is in both categories as above.
Colours and National Team Trials:
  • Regional Colours: All Players that win their division in a Regional Championship shall be awarded Regional Colours.
  • National Team Trials: All Players that win their division in a Regional Championship shall earn an invitation to National Team Trials in such division. National Team Trials shall be held in the event that a National Team must be selected to represent South Africa when competing in such Period in an International Championship.
Please note that times may be changed to take into account load-shedding.

When politicians attempt to further capture sport.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has just received an e-mail from the Gauteng Sports Council (GSC) in which GSC is attempting to get a 'Johannesburg Sports Council' (JCS) off the ground.

The preamble of such JCS states:

"The Johannesburg Sports Confederatiois herein established in terms of the Articles of Association of Gauteng Sports Confederation and South African Sports Confederation Olympic Committee. JSC stands by confirming the philosophy of non-racial and non-sexism to be the guiding principle in our endeavor to enhance unity, peace and harmony in sport in Johannesburg. The main object of JSC is to implement all GSC and SASCOC programs and to act as a controlling body of sports and recreation in Johannesburg.
The main object of JSC is to implement all GSC and SASCOC programs and to act as a Coordinating body of sports and recreation in Johannesburg.

JSC is responsible for the oversight of transformation, development and all the activities of all the sports and recreation done by its members. JSC will act as a controlling body for preparation and delivery of Team Johannesburg to all provincial games.

JSC will act as a coordinating body for preparation and delivery of Team Johannesburg to all provincial games."

Immediately on reading the preamble, warning bells sound off in my mind.

Really, the main object is to implement GSC and SASCOC programs, what about those of the athletes?

This is the danger of having too many tiers of membership, those who accept the positions of being an office-bearer quickly forget that they are there to serve the athlete, not the entrenched status quo.

Those drafting the JCS' Constitution have also seemingly forgotten to read the Sport and Recreation Act, Number 110 of 1998 (as amended) which makes the national federations to be the sole authorities.

Also, how will this new organisation deliver 'Team Johannesburg' to all provincial games? For a start it will have to comply with the national federation, and be affiliated to the national federation.
Only a politician with a very poor grasp of sports law could have drafted this document, and only politicians with ulterior motives could be proposing this half-baked proposal.

Proposed Calendar of Events for 2018

Every year Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) advises its membership in August of its Calendar of Events for the upcoming year.

By doing it this way, all member clubs are afforded the opportunity to make input in order to help MSSA create even a better calendar of events.

Over the years clubs like Northcliff High School and Maritzburg College have made a massive contribution to the way in which things have been done, which have further improved the standard of MSSA events.

By bringing out the calendar in August of each year, it also allows member clubs time to prepare themselves to bid for events.

The proposed Calendar for 2018 is:

2018 Calendar of events


26th Old Edwardian Summer Championships
Ancients, Checkers, FIFA ‘17, Morabaraba
Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Ave., Lower Houghton
On-line Inter-school Provincial Championships
CS:GO, DotA, FIFA, LOL, SC, TTT II, VainGlory
24 & 25 FEBRUARY
36th GAUTENG Championships
Board games, Card games, eSports, wargames

24 & 25 MARCH
23rd NORTH WEST Championships
Board games, Card games, eSports, wargames


Provincial Online Championships

Dota 2,
CounterStrike GO,
League of Legends,
Street Fighter V
28 & 29 APRIL
Free State Provincial School Championships
Board and Figure games

28 & 29 APRIL
Gauteng Provincial School Championships
Board and Figure games

28 & 29 APRIL
Provincial School Championships for Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumulanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape
Board and Figure games

5 & 6 MAY
National Team Trials
Morabaraba and Wargames

26 & 27 MAY
17th MPUMALANGA Championships
Board games, Card games, eSports, wargames

26 MAY

2 & 3 JUNE
eSports National Team Trials

23 & 24 JUNE
15th FREE STATE Championships

Fezile Dabi Regional Championships
Checkers, Morabaraba,
Street Fighter V, MortalKombat X, Tekken and FIFA’17

Week ending
1st round of School League for 4 term schools.
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA ‘17, HearthStone, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament II, VainGlory
28 & 29 JULY
SA School Championships
Board, Figure and eSports

4 & 5 AUGUST
24th KWAZULU NATAL Championships

StarCraft II, Hearthstone
eSports (PC)
25 & 26 AUGUST
22nd WESTERN CAPE Championships

Indigenous Games
To be determined by SRSA
Sedibeng Regional Championships
FIFA ‘17, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, TEKKEN TAG II, StarCraft II, Checkers, Morabaraba

Week ending
1st round of School League for 3 term schools.
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA ‘17, HearthStone, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament II, VainGlory
City of Johannesburg Championships
Sat. Morabaraba & StarCraft II
Sun. Ancients & FIFA

16th EASTERN CAPE Championships

Polokwane Regional Championships
CounterStrike: GO
League of Legends

27 & 28 OCTOBER
6th LIMPOPO Championships
Submit nominations of office-bearers
31st S A NATIONAL Championships

Annual General Meeting

SRSA's S A Schools Championships
To be determined by SRSA


  1. International events still need to be included.
  2. Inter-Provincial events need to be included
  3. Inter-Regional events need to be included
  4. Club events need to be included
  5. Regional Championships need to be included.
  6. Free State is moved to earlier in the year.
  7. National Team Trials still need to be included